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Teaching and Supervision

Teaching and Supervision

I have been teaching at Monash University since 2007,  and at LTU since 2009. Currently, I am supervising a number of Ph.D./Master’s thesis students.

PhD. Thesis Students:

  1. Henrique Souza Rossi, “Quality of Experience in Cloud-Streamed Games,” Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.
  2. Ali Alzubaidi, “Blockchains, SLA and IoT,” Newcastle University, United Kingdom. Co-supervised by Dr. E. Soliaman (Graduated 2022).
  3. Dimitar Minovski, “Quality of Experience in Industrial Internet of Things” Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.  Co-supervised by Prof. C Åhlund, Dr. I. Cotanis (Infovista). (Graduated, Oct. 2021)
  4. Ayman Noor “Cross-layer performance monitoring and anomaly detection techniques for microservices-based cloud application architecture,” Newcastle University, United Kingdom. Co-supervised by Prof. R. Ranjan (Graduated, 2020)
  5. Khalid Alhamazani, Cross-Layer Multi-Cloud Real-Time Application QoS Monitoring and Benchmarking As-a-Service Framework. University of New South Wales, Sydney (Graduated, 2016).  Co-supervised by Prof. R. Ranjan, Prof. F. Rabhi, and Dr. P.P. Jayaraman. (Graduated, 2016)

Master’s Thesis Students:

  1. Daniel Olave Ibáñez
  2. Fatema Mirza
  3. Kubra Saedi
  4. Ida Heathcote-Fumador
  5. Jonathan Berrios
  6. Shabna Siraj
  7. Victor Araujo, Performance Evaluation of Scalable and Distributed IoT Platforms for Smart Regions“. 2017.
  8. Aigerim Zhalgasbekova, “CollMule: An Opportunistic Data Collection System for IoT-based Indoor Air Quality Monitoring“. 2017.
  9. Tamara Belyakhina, “Distributed Context Acquisition and Reasoning for Annotating Data Streams in the Internet for Things for Green Smart Cities”. 2017.
  10. Haidar Chikh, “APOLLO: A System for Proactive Application Migration in Mobile Cloud Computing“. 2016.
  11. Jean Paul Bambanza, iSEE:A Semantic Sensors Selection System for Healthcare“. 2016.
  12. Md. Anowarul Abedin,  “Mobile Global Sensor Network For Enhanced Sensor Management”. 2016
  13. Baptiste Louis, “CloudSimDisk:  Energy-Aware Storage Simulation In CloudSim”. Co-supervised by Prof. Åhlund and Dr. Saguna. July 2015.
  14. Manh Khoi Ngo, “Sensor Communication in Smart Cities and Regions: An Expandable IoT-Based Remote Health Monitoring System”.   Co-supervised by Prof. Åhlund and Dr. Saguna. July 2015.
  15. Rohan Nanda, “Bayesian Approach for Forecasting Heat Load in a District Heating System Co-supervised by Prof. Åhlund and Dr. Saguna. July 2015.
  16. Andreas Åhlund, An approach towards User-centric Application Mobility“. Co-supervised by Dr. Deepak Suri, Umeå University. 2009. Winner of the Little Polhem Prize, and here 

Teaching at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden:

  1. M7024E: Cloud Services (7.5 credits). Links: Canvas, Schedule (Mixed schedule)
  2. M7023E: Internet of Things (7.5 Credits). Links: Canvas, Schedule
  3. W0006E: Management of Cloud Services and Databases (7.5 Credits). Links: Canvas, Schedule
  4. D7024E: Mobile and Distributed Computing Systems (7.5 Credits)
  5. D7002D: Mobile Networks and Protocols (7.5 Credits). Links: Canvas. Schedule
  6. D0021E: Network and Mobility (7.5 Credits).  Links: Canvas. Schedule
  7. D0021E: Network and Mobility (7.5 Credits)
  8. M7018E: Special Studies in Mobile Systems (7.5 Credits)
  9. D7031E: Project in mobile systems 2 (15 Credits)
  10. M7016E: Project in Mobile Systems (15 Credits)

Teaching at Monash University, Australia:

  1. FIT5034: Network administration and management
  2. FIT5046/CSE5501: Mobile and distributed computing system
  3. FIT1005: Networks and data communication
  4. CSE5501: Mobile and distributed computing systems
  5. FIT2018 – CPE5013: Network administration
  6. FIT5094: IT for management decision making
  7. FIT3024 – CSE5807: Internetworking and wireless communications